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The Rough Guide to the Millennium
As the year 2000 approaches, the world is gearing up for the biggest party of the century. This Rough Guide brings you up to speed on all the millennium happenings worldwide and a history of millennium movements, details on travel packages a glossary of the best web sites - all in a pocket-sized package. Will it be Armageddon or Utopia?
Editor note: This is the first publication/book dedicated to the Millennium on the Web; Although there is mention of our Futurcast site, no link is specified...

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Calgary 2000

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Year Zero Campaign

The Year 2000? What if we just call it the Year Zero?

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Aliens, & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception

Millennium & Apocalypse - sub-site to UFO's, Aliens, & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception


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Chicago Millennium Celebration

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The Millennium Minutes
AIM Funds is proud to team up with CBS NEWS RADIO in creating the "AIM Funds Millennium Minute.” These daily, :60-second vignettes commemorate achievements from the last 1,000 years as we count our way up to the year 2000. A new script airs every day of the week--and will continue to do so through 1999

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2001: Journey to the Next Millennium

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Welcome to Millennium

The Purpose of
"The Official Web Site of the New Millennium™" was created to provide an open and intelligent forum for historical, contemporary and millennium related thoughts and ideas from individuals and organizations around the world. From the movers and shakers in the arts and entertainment fields, to the foremost politicians, philosophers, industrialists and spiritual leaders of our day, M321™ (3rd Millenium, 21st century) represents an unbiased insight into current wisdom and the imagination of the future. As a living, ever expanding site, M321™ is an optimistic journey celebrating progress, awareness, community and individual empowerment.

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M&M's claims to be the "official" candy of the Millennium

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Míle Átha Cliath -

Dublin Corporation is leading preparations for the Millennium in the capital. In 1997, the Corporation joined with business and public bodies in the city to form a partnership company - Míle Átha Cliath Teoranta - to identify projects to mark the "Millennium" in Dublin.

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The towns of Southland New Zealand are located just minutes away from the International Date Line and are among the first to see the dawn of each new day.
Join us News Years Eve for an unforgettable year 2000  event and be one of the first people on the planet to see the true 'First Light' of the next millennium.

The Year 2000 Millennium Celebration in Southland


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The Millennium Commission Website

The Millennium Commission assists communities in marking the close of the second millennium and in celebrating the start of the third. (UK)


MHeritage Farms 2000- The Model Village for the next Millennium

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Millennium Club 2000

WAM 2000 - World Action for the Millennium

The first Spanish Net-Party for the year 2000. There are only 700 days left up to the year 2000. That´s why WAM 2000(World Action for the Millennium) is organizing WAM 700. Next Sunday, February the 1st, WAM will bring together all kinds of advanced music(techno, house, garage,...) through the net. So, for the first time in Spain, the show leaded by DJ Willy Sanjuan will be broadcasted with Real Video around the globe through internet.
This event can be accessed through WAM web: from11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., Spanish time. Internet users can interact on-linewith this party by sending messages through the chat. This will be the first party of an Interconnected Series to be broadcastedevery 100 days towards the year 2000. This is the forth count-up event organized by WAM in order to enter the New Millennium under the bestconditions

The Electronic Millennium Project

EMP2000 is a world-wide non-profit initiative organised and originated from the United Kingdom by WinBridge Consultants Ltd (WBc).
It's primary goal is to deliver something entirely new to the Internet - something that will become the globes first publicly owned and freely accessible structured information system. Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and constructed from the individual efforts of thousands of voluntary contributors both large and small.

The White House Millennium Project

President Clinton and the First Lady announced on August 15, 1997 the White House Millennium Project/Program/Event:

"Already, cities all across America are planning celebrations of their own. Over the next three years, the First Lady and I will work with governors, mayors, community leaders, to make the millennium a truly national celebration of gifts to the future. I invite you to share your ideas with us by visiting our new White House Millennium Program website at" President Clinton

The Future Chronicles: Chronicles for the future, today...

The Future Pages covers a whole range of topics including technology, consumer electronics, education, and computers...

The Third Millennium Challenge

A great site from the Netherlands:

"As the year 2000 approaches, the world prepares itself for the big parties and celebrations around the turn of the millennium. This site is a worldwide forum, the right place to find out everything about this magic moment. This is where you can consult the calendar of events, participate in discussion groups, become member of the Third millennium Challenge Club, play exciting games, win prizes, and much much more..."

Memory of the XX Century

Own a piece of this century which is coming to an end.
Every day a unique photograph, dated and certified by an officer of the court is offered for sale.
To acquire one is to possess a memento of the second millennium and to help our planet by supporting a humanitarian association. (site is in France)

The Official Millennium Crisis Site

2K, the new configuration of media pranksters/former KLF members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, has launched a Web site for those "having trouble dealing with the impending doom of the millennium." "The Offical Millennium Crisis Site," located at, offers a countdown to the year 2000, advice on how to cope with pre-millennium tension, and a contest for the best story of what individuals have done to "***k the millennium." 2K's new Mute single, conveniently titled "***k The Millennium," is out now . . .

Destinations 2000 Travel Collection

Travel Well Consultants is please to offer our exclusive Destinations 2000 Travel Collection. We are your link to world-wide travel opportunities for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Time Vault 2000

The World's Biggest
Time Capsule
to mark the millennium in New Zealand.
The First Nation To See The Year 2000

Millennium's New Year's Eve Parties

International Register: This register of places to party on New Year's Eve 2000
and 2001 has been set up so that everybody who wants go
somewhere on those momentous evenings can choose from
a list of venues

Millennium Celebrations

Millennium Celebrations around the world culminates with a five-day, four-night
gala commemorating the turn of the millennium. The events,
staged in every time zone, will feature a broad array of local
activities during the five-day time period, culminating with the
event-of-events - multiple 25-hour entertainment gala parties,
broadcast live from each time zone...

Everything 2000

Your One-Step Resource to Prepare for the New Millennium...easily the largest site so far as of January 1997

The Official Celebration of the Year 2000

Celebration and millenium products highlight this site

Club 2000

The Millenium Project

The Millenium Project plans a world-wide TV broadcast January 1, 2000 for 24 hours...

Talk 2000

Talk 2000 is the most comprehensive discussion about the year 2000 on the Internet

Millennium Institute

The Millennium Institute is concerned about the future...

Odyssey 2000®

Odyssey 2000® is an around-the-world bicycle trek
366 Days
20,000 Miles
54 Countries
Los Angeles to Los Angeles, via the world

The Third Prophecy By Clifton H. Bush

It is late 1999-- Mankind faces revelations about true origins. His makers are terminally
resolute. The unavoidable message given mankind by the ultimate power is a chilling New Year's
resolution that will be kept.

Millenniumania is a term first coined and published on December 1996

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